動画:コーヒー好きさんだけじゃなく紅茶好きさんにも!ギフトバックパンチボードで蓋つきの箱       Creating Kindness Design Team Blog Hop

Welcome to July Creating Kindness Design Team Blog Hop. Theme:3D Gift Giving.
Hi everyone! I'm an Independent Stampin'Up! demonstrator in Japan and Australia and participating in this blog hop as a demonstrator in Japan. Thought it's written in Japanese, there are many photos that tell you what and how I created.

I made the box with Gift Bag Punch Board!  There's a video how I did it when you scroll down.  In the video I'm only showing how to make the box itself and where to die cut the coffee cup so you can recreate it with your favorite paper or card stock. It has English subtitles and measurements in inches.

I created this pretty box to share my love for tea!  My good friend gave me a big tin of my favorite T2 Very Berry Fruitea for my birthday in June. It has a lot of tea leaves in there so I wanted to give some to my other tea loving friend. You see I love the color of the tea, too. It's so similar to my favorite new in color Berry Burst.

本日のブログはいきなり英語からスタート!Creative Kindnessデザインチームブログホップの初参加作品なのです。7月のお題は3Dプロジェクト。



という事で、Creating Kindnessデザインチームブログホップのデビュー作はこちらの紅茶ギフトボックスでございます!
The Blog Hop link goes live at 8:00 pm AEST today. Thank you for visiting my blog.  Please keep hopping and check out fantastic projects by talented Creating Kindness Design Team. You are at Satomi Wellard now.
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12 件のコメント:

  1. I love your adaption of the coffee cup for a tea cup instead! What a great gift xx

  2. I love this project Satomi!! I am going to pull out my neglected gift bag punch board and recreate your pretty gift box!!

    1. Yeah, I neglected mine for a long time, too but I'm going to love it more from now on.

  3. Wow, I love how you decorated your box Satomi. Great idea on using the Gift Bag punch board!

    1. Thank you Jay! I wanted to use more of the Gift Bag Punch Board.

  4. Fantastic gift package, Satomi. The see-through area that shows the gorgeous product inside is my favorite part. Very nice, indeed!

  5. OMG!!! I love how you have created a window on your packaging today Satomi! Thanks for sharing your creation, & as well thank you for the fabulous instructional video! Cheers from Canada! 💖

    1. Thank you Carolynn. I love a box with window. It adds a bit of thrill with a sneak peek, doesn't it?!